Jørgen Tellnes

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Jørgen has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Telemark University College (now the University of Southeast Norway).

Jørgen works daily with C# and .NET but also partly has a great deal of experience with PHP, Java, Javascript, with the Laravel and Vue frameworks, and with the Linux platform. He is a fan of the free software concept and generally thrives where technology and knowledge are shared – preferably in direct contact with people. He emphasizes easy-to-understand language in program code, documentation and communication in general. As a developer and technology consumer, Jørgen has always been concerned with data security and privacy.

Jørgen has project responsibility for Arkitektum’s contribution to the international assistance work of Kartverket (the Norwegian Mapping Authority), for Moldova, with adaptation, development and realization of national map data models as well as development of systems and routines for database import of photogrammetry data (aerial images). He has previously participated in Kartverkets’s similar work for Montenegro and Georgia and in the development of the Kartverket’s (Norwegian) national geoportal, Geonorge.

Jørgen has project responsibility for Arkitektum’s assignment for Arkivverket (the National Archives) to develop Arkade 5, a validator for digital archive deposits.

He has been involved in developing the Arkitektum products PsTools, a web solution for easy production of SOSI (Norwegian standard) data product specifications, and GISTools, an extension to Enterprise Architect for validation an realization of UML models as, among other things, PostGIS database schemas.

Jørgen has regularly assisted the University of Southeast Norway, with i.a. lectures in version control and with supervision in bachelor projects for students in the computer science program. He has previously worked at primary and secondary school and at an aircraft engine workshop. In his spare time, Jørgen flies gliders in his local flying club and plays in a blugras band.

Jørgen has been employed by Arkitektum since December 2012.


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